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 Foundcuts Weekend

 Length: 3 hours

 Broadcast times: Any time you need a  dose of "oh wow!"

 Delivery: FTP

 Terms: Barter, Market exclusive. 

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 Foundcuts Daily

 Length: 1 minute

 Delivery: FTP

 Terms: Barter, Market exclusive. 

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Want even more? Introducing Foundcuts Daily!

We've taking some of the great music and fun forgotten hits of the 1980s and created a daily M-Su feature. It's a great way to kick off your '80s Throwback Lunch, or other daily station benchmark. It's the perfect sales vehicle for clients who want to stand out. 

Foundcuts is the "Oh Wow" 80s show, playing some of the best-testing hits of the '80s along with some of the forgotten hits we "found" along the way. It's 3 hours that of great music your listeners will love!

Two Great Shows that bring Oh Wow to your station!